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Community Building Content: A step-By-step guide

Human beings are naturally social beings, and they tend to seek out people who have the same interests and hobbies. This is how communities are born. Presently, there are tens of millions of groups on Facebook alone, each catering to a specific interest, belief or clique. The number of forums built and maintained by online communities are in the billions, with new ones being created each day.

This may lead you to think that building an online community is easy because people will find and gravitate towards your community naturally without you having to do anything about it. However, a lot of online communities are deserted, maybe because of poor management, or maybe it wasn’t filled with interesting content to keep users interested.

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What Are The Most Important Ranking Factors You Should Consider When Writing Your Content?

Ranking high on a search engine is the goal of every digital marketer, or it at least should be. But perhaps you’re wondering why ranking high is so important? Well, think about it when you type something in a search engine like Google, you are most likely only looking at the results on Page One. If it’s not found, you might retype in the search bar for new results. Everyone’s guilty of it, don’t worry. But, because of this, it’s why you need to strive to be on that first page of results. Google should be your target search engine. It is undoubtedly the most popular search engine globally, with over 70 percent of the search market share. A downside to its popularity is that nearly every person with a website or specific web page is competing for the same traffic. So, how do you stay ahead of the curve and be in that number one spot? We are here to give you the eight most important ranking factors you need to consider when creating your content.

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The Huge Advantage Of Working With A Writer Team Rather Than An SEO One

SEO seems to be the new buzzword in the world of marketing. Marketers swear by it, and brands rush to jump on the SEO train, anxious to reap its rewards. Many law firms spend considerable sums hiring an SEO team, hoping it will increase their profits. They completely ignore content writing teams and invest in SEO. But this is where many law firms err, assuming that better SEO equals higher profits. Confused?

Well, let us set the record straight.

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Big Data And Deep Learning: How To Leverage Information To Triple Your Content Audience

You probably have a ton of ideas about your niche and are having a fun time writing them down and posting them on the digital space, but sooner or later, you’re going to want to transform your blog into something more than a space for posting your personal thoughts. You need an audience.

Every blog, small or big, needs organic traffic driven by its content quality and delivery; isn’t this why people post on the internet in the first place?

Your blog could be a standalone project – content for the sake of content (backed by Google Ads Program or Amazon Affiliate), or it could be a vehicle to drive your business. The latter is more likely to be the case but in both scenarios, you need to show that you are authoritative over your niche.

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Google’s Performance Max: Is This For You?

The Ultimate Guide for Content Marketers

Google’s big announcement at the Google Marketing Livestream event for content marketers and advertising professionals notably recognized their new Performance Max campaign. This new type of campaign in the Google Ads platform is called a game-changer in the marketing and advertising world for businesses. The new campaign type maximizes your performance across all Google inventory using machine learning. It is fully automated and requires marketers/advertisers only to provide copy, a call to action, images, and videos. In turn, this activates Google’s Smart Bidding process across different channels, all based on the goal of the marketer or advertiser.

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3 Ways to Measure Content Performance Outside of Traditional SEO Metrics

The key to successful growth for pretty much any modern business lies in creating a high-performing website and developing a prominent online presence. There are various types of content that businesses need to focus on and several platforms to distribute it on to achieve these goals.

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Legal Firm Content Tips: How to Create Valuable, Authority-Based Content

There is an abundance of law firms out there. The digital era makes it easy for potential customers to search for lawyers and click their way through till they find one they can trust.

If you want your firm to stand out from the crowd and appear trustworthy, you must create valuable authority-based content. This is because humans tend to trust authority figures, and with helpful content, you are demonstrating expertise instead of claiming expertise.

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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website For More Conversions

An eCommerce website can be somewhat difficult to drive organic traffic to. Your brand is only online not in-person, but as more people continue to use the internet and social media there are always new ways to optimize it to get more conversions. Currently, there are around 47 billion websites, yes BILLION. So, getting your website noticed or sales can be a tough process, but there are always strategies to try like optimization. ECommerce optimization is a holistic approach to improving your website to gain more conversions.

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11 Horrible Mistakes You Can Make When You Start Blogging For Business

In the past, you could simply register on a blogging site and say just about anything. After all, blogging started out as a form of expression. But, these days, most blogs are monetized, which really puts pressure on writers to provide quality content.

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7 Facebook Marketing Myths Debunked

There are many Facebook ad myths out there; beliefs that lead to poor ROIs, overpaying, and a lack of ad optimization, all of which lead to bad Facebook ad performance and wasted money.

Beliefs like “Facebook advertisements are so expensive” or “I need as many Facebook page followers as possible” are working against you.

We take a look at some of the most frequent Facebook myths to bring you: Debunking 7 Common Facebook Ad Myths!

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