2020 Trends: Will This Be The Year Of User-Generated Content?

User-generated content can be a blessing and a curse for businesses. People are becoming more open about posting videos, sharing experiences, and posting photos on social media platforms. This means that the content they are creating could be positive or negative to your site.


User-generated review sites like Yelp account for millions of business reviews yearly. These reviews provide ratings and reviews, positive and negative, about businesses across the country.

Yelp reviews are one of the first searches that come up with someone who inputs your business into a search engine. The better the reviews and ratings, the more likely someone is to visit your site or page.

One of the biggest advantages of user-generated content on your page or business site is that it is irrefutable proof regarding your customer service and products. These firsthand accounts are what people believe, not just because you said it yourself about your business.


One of the biggest marketing mistakes you need to avoid in 2020 is ignoring social media. Customers are using social media as the first line of defense when researching your business or product.

Having a fully reputable social media site with user-generated content can help in growing a larger customer base in 2020. Allowing reviews and user-posted videos can help other potential customers see that you are concerned with making your customers happy.

Another thing to avoid in your social media marketing in 2020 is the overuse of ads and promotional content. Adding the additional ad or promotion on your site is perfectly acceptable, but people want to see what others are saying. By bogging down your page with ads and promotions, people may not scroll far enough to see what people actually think of your business and you can lose sales. Keep it simple, in 2020 people are going to care more about the opinions of others, not your commercial.


In 2020, it is time to think outside of the box. A lot of companies are starting to offer webinars that promote their products and answer questions. This is the perfect way to get some free advertising in, as well as allow user-generated content to help you increase your revenue.

Setting up a live webinar on your business or social media page can allow you to interact with your customers in a real-time setting. This can increase your user-generated content with a live question and answer session at the end of the webinar. Make sure to have this webinar available after it airs as an archive video on your page.

By archiving, you allow other customers who could not attend the live broadcast to see how you deal with customer concerns and questions. Adding webinars with live sessions can be a good way for customers to feel heard. Make sure that you allow comments after the webinar has aired so that you can follow up with comments and questions that were not a part of the initial broadcast.

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