How to Write Social Media and Short Form Content in 2020: Content Marketer’s Guide

Social media and short- form content will continue to make an impact on the world of content marketing in 2020. Roughly 75 percent of Facebook users access their accounts daily with more than half of that population visiting the site multiple times each day, according to Pew Research. The facts and figures supporting other social media platforms – such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest – reflect the same rise in popularity and prevalence. This content marketing guide will help you to make the most of your content creation and content marketing in 2020.

Always Remember that Quality is Key

One of the most important points that you should remember is the significant value of quality with any type of content that you create. Whether you create a simple social media post, short-form blog or even a lengthy, long-form article, quality must always be a top priority. Writing content trends for next year may change and evolve compared to what was popular in 2019. However, the value of quality will never depreciate. If you are searching for content writing tips for next year that will give you a shortcut in this regard, then it is highly recommended for you to ignore that advice.

Explore a Variety of Social Media Platforms

You more than likely have a favorite social media platform that you prefer to use for your personal content more than any other platform. When trying to market and promote your content or your brand, though, then you will need to invest time and effort into multiple social media platforms. According to Writer’s Digest, you do not need to necessarily nosedive into all platforms at once.

For instance, you can start with Facebook and Twitter before progressively working your way through the other platforms. It may surprise you to see just how much organic exposure you will be able to get for your brand and your growing library of engaging content just by mastering the art of social media usage.

Be Consistent, Stick to Your Posting Schedule

To master creating content trends for 2020 related to social media and short-form writing, you need to establish and then commit to a consistent posting schedule. Your overall objective is to boost the readability and engagement factor of your content – compelling your target audience members to come back for more without delay.

Pay close attention to what your readers and audience members expect from you to determine an appropriate posting schedule and overall frequency. Depending on applicable circumstances, you may need to create social media posts and other short-form content multiple times each day. On the other hand, you may be able to get away with posting once or twice a week. Either way, your target objective should be to stay consistent. Once you have raised the bar of what your target audience can expect from you, they will expect you to meet (or exceed) that bar every single time.

Calculate the Value of Your Content to Your Audience

If you had to put a dollar sign on your content to sell in a traditional storefront, what figure would you use? Would your customers feel as if the price was too high? On the other hand, would they feel as if it was too low? When you create short-form content, make sure that you assess the value and usefulness of your content before posting it.

This principle applies to your social media posts as well. Just because you might be posting a quick phrase, one-liner or even a popular pic or meme, the value of that post will help you to expose your brand to your target audience. If the average consumer is interested in your content, the chance of him or her sharing it within their own social media communities will skyrocket. It is much better to build a reputation for yourself of only publishing valuable, useful and relevant content. A “wishy-washy” approach will only raise the risk of losing your target audience members to the competition.

Embrace the Not-So-Viral Posts Along the Way

Viral videos and social media posts have essentially tainted the expectations of most inexperienced content creators and social media marketers. For instance, you may assume that a specific post is not worth publishing as it will likely not go “viral” at any point. Perhaps the content shared is valuable, but not popular enough to generate a lot of buzz on its own. There is nothing wrong with publishing those types of posts if they align with your message and preserve your brand identity.

For instance, you may need to publish client testimonials, press features, charitable references or other not-so-popular blog posts. According to Entrepreneur, these are the types of posts that will help you to establish validity within your target market. You may not go viral with these types of basic posts or simple content. However, you will be able to create a solid foundation of expertise and quality knowledge that will be easily accessible to your customer base.

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