An In-Depth Look at All the Marketing Technology Trends That Will Shape 2020 and Beyond

There is a host of marketing technology trends that will help mold the future – especially when it comes to the representation of businesses and brands both online and offline. If you want to have an edge on the competition and pave the way for long-term success in the new year, you should at least consider implementing the marketing technology trends outlined below:

Artificial Intelligence

Studies show that artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to grow in popularity and overall presence in 2020 and beyond. According to a Harvard Business Review, it was predicted that AI technology would have a pervasive presence in most software services and products by 2020. A team of Gartner analysts recently supported that prediction as well.

Another report states that artificial intelligence will increase the global GDP by a maximum of 14% within the next 10 years. It has widely become known as the “biggest commercial opportunity” for nations, industries and companies in the next few decades. Regardless of your niche or industry, being late to the “AI Party” will provide you with a major disadvantage in 2020 – allowing your competition to connect with your target audience instead of you.

Voice Search

With the rising prevalence of voice-activated assistants and speakers, it will be important to cater your marketing strategy to this emerging marketing technology trend in 2020. When focusing on your core keywords and phrases, for instance, you should acknowledge the different ways that a consumer could access your information through a voice search.

Chances are that the average customer asks a question – expecting their voice assistant to provide them with an answer. This type of outlook can help you to transform your current approach to content development and content marketing. Instead of solely focusing on how your content will respond to keystrokes, you should focus on how it will also respond to voices. Doing so will make it easier for your brand to capitalize on both ends of this marketing spectrum.

Personalization Tools

Another aspect of marketing technology trends that you should pay close attention to in 2020 is that of personalization tools and systems. Most customers are quick to tune out, overlook and throw away generic marketing materials, canned responses and other forms of mass communication tools that cater more to the group than the individual customer. Any aspect of personalization that you can skillfully and strategically work into your marketing strategy for 2020 will pay off in a major way for your brand and overall online presence.

One report showed that 90% of 1,000 people surveyed agreed that personalization marketing has a significant amount of appeal. The best part is that there is no longer a scarce supply of personalization options available for marketing purposes. For instance, think about the typical email list. Once upon a time, there was very little that could be done with an email list to tailor it or customize it to address specific customers and guests. Nowadays, segmented lists come with email blasts that you can personalize for your customers. Multiple studies and statistics show that taking the extra time to customize your emails by evening adding your customer’s names at the top will go a long way in improving your click and response rates along with your conversion.

Customer Service Chatbots

One of the primary AI marketing tools that has sparked a lot of buzz in recent years is the standard customer service chatbot. One report shows that ¼ of customer service in 2020 will consist of virtual assistant technology and customer service chatbots. There is an extensive list of benefits associated with customer service chatbots for marketing purposes. For instance, a chatbot will allow you to:

  • Offer 24/7 customer service and communication
  • Boost the speed and efficiency of your resolution procedures
  • Provide instant, automated responses to customers to eliminate downtime and “dead air”
  • Reduce the costs and expenses associated with your operational cycle and staffing
  • Use a multilingual tool to gain access to hundreds of languages and communicate efficiently with your international audience.

Keep in mind that a customer service chatbot is nowhere near as user-friendly or engaging as a real person. Therefore, you never want to allow your customer service chatbot (or any AI tool for that matter) to completely replace your one-on-one customer interactions or overall marketing strategy. On the contrary, you should use these tools as a supplement that will help you to cover your territory more effectively.

Shoppable Social Media Posts

You may need to revisit, revise or even redo your social media strategy to stay relevant and up-to-date on innovative marketing practices in 2020. For instance, you may have focused your efforts on educating and information your target audience and prospective customers with your social media posts in the past. However, as you make plans to enhance your online presence with marketing technology trends in 2020, you should consider designing and publishing shoppable social media posts for your brand.

Doing so will allow you to continue engaging and educating your target audience while also making it much easier to convert guests into paying customers with strategic calls-to-action.

Engaging Video Content

Visual content reigns supreme when focusing on the engagement factor of exposure and customer interaction. The average customer now feels more comfortable with accessing a how-to video, for instance, instead of reading through a lengthy how-to blog post or article. Even when it comes to engagement via entertainment, it is much easier and more efficient to put the work in a watchable video instead of a readable article.

If you are still on the fence about video content as a marketing technology trend in 2020, here are just a few facts and figures to consider:

  • The average consumer spends 88% more time on websites with posted videos
  • Over 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched daily
  • The amount of video content uploaded in the past 30 days surpassed the amount created by major U.S. TV networks in the past 30 years

Additional reports project that 17,000 hours of posted video content will cross IP networks around the world per second. If you want to take full advantage of marketing technology trends that will affect your industry in 2020, you should focus on finding creative yet effective ways to complement your high-quality readable content with high-quality watchable content.

Platform-Based Ecosystems

Understanding the value of platform ecosystems in the world of marketing is essential for your online presence to survive in 2020. Studies have shown that 1.3 million people are currently employed by platform-based companies adding up to a $4.3 trillion market capitalization. The numbers do not lie – understanding how these platform ecosystems thrive is vital.

The narrow focus of internal services and products is no longer the only way (or the best way) to market a business – especially within the information superhighway. Take full advantage of all applicable platforms that appeal to your target audience; just make sure that you have a solid strategy in place as s a complement.

Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is the cornerstone of marketing efficiency when you have a team of people working together to achieve a target objective. Think about the traditional way that teams collaborated on marketing projects and campaigns in the past. Long before the years of social media and online collaboration, conference calls and board meetings were needed to discuss these items. The efficiency and prevalence of online collaboration tools will continue to increase in 2020 – giving brands and businesses that take advantage of this technology an edge on the competition.

One study surveyed over 900 marketing experts and IT specialists from more than 500 organizations. The general consensus was that the development of engaging marketing messages that boosted conversion was viewed as the top benefit. Collaborative environments allow teams to accomplish more, interact more and learn more about their key demographics. In addition to the expedited path to adopting new products and services, there is an undeniable impact on the success of a marketing campaign placed on the shoulders online collaboration.

Strategy is the Key, Unlock It Now

The last thing that you want to do is make the mistake of waiting too late to plan for the new year. In your personal life, it might be acceptable to wait until New Year’s Eve or even New Year’s Day to set your resolutions and goals. However, if you want your online presence to survive and thrive in the new year, then your brainstorming sessions and marketing plan development must start right away.

Focus on the strengths of your online presence and what you were able to accomplish within the past 1-5 years. More importantly, place a magnifying glass over the areas that need you the most. Taking the time to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats now will benefit you and your brand later. Ride the wave of the marketing technology trends that will shape the scope of your industry in 2020 or prepare yourself to drown in the sea of competition.

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