Create-Convert-Promote The 2020 Guide: Part 3 Promote

This is the third of a three-part series about content marketing in 2020.

Finishing up our guide to content in 2020, we round it off with how to build awareness of your brand and how to promote your message to your audience. As newer generations take over the role of content consumption, your promotions need to fall in line with their values.

Here we’ll break down some of the methods and rationales that will make sure that you can have a successful year in 2020.

 Distribute Along Omnichannels to Reinforce Awareness

We’ve already discussed the necessity of multimedia content in the last part of our guide. Over 80% of global internet traffic is based around video, and videos that float around two minutes long experience the greatest user engagement.

We’ve also discussed in our modular content section that podcasts and audio format content will begin playing a larger role when it comes to media consumption. For many podcasts have taken over normal talk radio when it comes to commuting to work.

By using omnichannel marketing, the act of creating a seamless experience for users when they interact with your brand along different channels, you can reinforce your brand and continue building brand awareness.

While mobile internet activity has surpassed 50% of net usage, you still need to make sure that your message remains clear between the various channels (print, mobile, desktop, even physical) with which they engage you. 

Present a Clear and Transparent Message

As stated above, you want to make sure that your brand and belief values are consistent across channels but more than that you have to be authentic with your message.

The future generation that is consuming your content in 2020 grew up with the internet as an integral part of their lives. To be blunt, they can spot insincerity a mile away.

This generation has developed a strong sense of brand loyalty, and if your content doesn’t accurately reflect your brand, then you’ll lose your audience before you have a chance to engage them.

Your brand doesn’t have to be all sunshine and roses, it just has to be authentic. If you purchase a computer from Amazon, you expect to get what you ordered. If you purchase a computer from Wish, generally you’ll be happy as long as it turns on.

Both companies present themselves in a certain light, and the end-user understands what they’re getting themselves into.

If these lower end marketplace distribution sites made serious claims as to what they’re offering, then they would quickly find their business model in jeopardy.

By trying to hide the nature of your mission, you’ll quickly start developing user-created content, which is normally seen as a gold mine, but the content will be quick to point out the flaws in your brand. With influencer marketing taking over as an authoritative source of recommendation, you can easily find your brand red-flagged. 

Maintain that Email Campaign

As social media permeates every aspect of our lives, it’s easy to forget that a good email campaign can easily outperform a social media campaign.

You have to remember that if someone has already subscribed to your email list, that carries a significant more amount of weight versus just having a follower on Twitter or Instagram.

Given the fact that these social media platforms continually change the algorithm of what you see on your feed, having a direct line to their inbox is invaluable.

So once you’ve composed your email campaign and gathered everything you need for your content in 2020, make sure that as soon as you publish, your email list gets the message.

While email campaigns can outperform social media, you still have to prompt your subscribers to share your content.

Also remember what we stated in the second part of this guide about conversions, always do A/B testing. If your data showed that you had a lot of unopened emails, consider changing the subject, and resend it in a few days, then check the data again. 

Build Your Online Authority

Content marketing has always had the underlying purpose of being a sales vehicle, and most people will accept this, albeit begrudgingly. However, if your content provides value to your audience, then content marketing becomes a win-win situation.

When composing your content in 2020, make sure that you create value for your audience be it through:

  • Solving a problem
  • Providing entertainment
  • Education

As long as your visitors can walk away with having felt they’ve gained something, you’re reinforcing your brand as a transparent authority. This will build a rapport that turns visitors into followers and clients.

An easy way to build trust is by showing the team behind the scenes of your brand. Everyone loves getting a sneak peek at how something is created. There are TV shows dedicated entirely to how things are made.

By lifting the veil you’re showing your audience not only that there are humans behind the screen, but someone responsible for how they interact with a brand.

When pushing out content in 2020, you may want to include some candid shots of yourself or your team in action. This will give your audience a sense of security and even responsibility that their engagement is two-way. They will begin feeling that they impact you just as much as you impact them.

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