Does Quality Content Really Matter?

The short answer is simply yes. Let’s examine further.

What is quality content?

The simple answer is any content that adds value to the reader’s life is quality content.

Quality content creation is memorable, and it can either educate, inspire or entertain the audience.

Currently, online there is so much content, and it is extremely hard to find worthwhile, clean, quality content that can make a difference to your research.

There is also a big problem when it comes to content online. Companies that can pay for aggressive SEO and Adwords will rank higher, but that does not necessarily mean their content is better.

We also need to keep in mind that content marketing is designed to sell a product, service, or an opinion, so everything we read is infused with bias.

Why is Quality Content Important?

Quality content creation is not an accident; it is rather a result of intelligent effort.

Your audience knows that, and quality will brand you as a credible source of opinion and information.

Although quality is harder to produce, as it requires research, clarity, and precision, it yields better results in all aspects.

Quality content creation will increase your customer base, their loyalty, and your company’s credibility and will keep you out of trouble.

But a very important reason why quality content is critical is simply because Google says it is.

No one can deny that Google is one of the best channels for inbound traffic.

Google has this power because simply they are the biggest search engine worldwide, and it does not look like this is going to change anytime soon.

It is good to know numbers to understand the impact of quality content.

A recent study by Brightedge published the following results when it comes to online traffic generation:

  • Organic 51%
  • Paid Search 10%
  • Social Media 5%
  • Other 34% (this can be anything from influencers, word of mouth, etc.)

Let’s focus on the organic aspect, which is not only free, but it also appears to yield the best results.

Organic traffic requires quality content which includes:

  • The right keywords
  • Backlinks to trusted sites
  • High-quality content

When a company deploys quality content, it resembles a live organism, which simply means that it will grow, expand, and adapt according to market needs. 

Understanding the above statistics is critical because it helps you realize that there is a science behind quality. It is no longer someone’s opinion, but the actual situation companies have to adapt to.

How About the Revenue Generated by Organic Traffic?

Let’s look at the following industries and how they generate their revenue.

Retail Industry Revenue Streams

  • Organic Search 40%
  • Display / Email / Referred 30%
  • Paid Search 25%
  • Social 5%

Media and Entertainment Industry Revenue Streams

  • Organic Search 40%
  • Display / Email / Referred 42%
  • Paid Search 10%
  • Social 8%

Business Services Industry Revenue Streams

  • Organic Search  55%
  • Display / Email / Referred 25%
  • Paid Search 19%
  • Social 1%

Technology / Internet Industry Revenue Streams

  • Organic Search 45%
  • Display / Email / Referred 40%
  • Paid Search 14%
  • Social 1%

Hospitality Industry Revenue Streams

  • Organic Search 47%
  • Display / Email / Referred 23%
  • Paid Search 25%
  • Social 5%

We can clearly see that Organic Searches (tied to quality content) do result in the highest percentage of sales.

The most likely reason is that people feel that they put in the time, they looked around, and no one pushed an ad on them.

By using organic searches, consumers feel that they are in charge of their buying decisions. 

How to Create Quality Content Quick Guidelines

Now we see how critical it is to establish quality content creation, let’s take a look at some guidelines that can help you get there.

  • Original is always best. You need to put in the time to write original content. Otherwise, you will be flagged for plagiarism. Even if you are using existing information, try to give the article a different spin and your unique tone. Do not worry about creating completely new ideas and testing your audience. Original is always better.
  • Focus on creating strong headlines. Even if you have the best story, unless your headline is compelling enough, you will not get the clicks you need to make an impact.
  • Quality content creation needs to activate the reader. You need to inspire the reader to take action. This is how you can make a difference with your writing.
  • Answer questions. Quality content, as stated before, educates the audience.
  • Be accurate and use credible sources.
  • Use images and video whenever possible.
  • Go back and update your content. Information and statistics constantly change. Besides by updating your existing blog articles, it will help your content to rank higher as Google sees it as “new.”
  • Do not overcomplicate sentences. Life is complex enough. Your readers are looking for precision and accuracy.

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