E-Commerce Content Marketing: 8 Inspiration Tips From Companies That Made It Big

E-commerce content marketing in 2020 is all about crafting dynamic, relatable content and presenting it in an innovative, visually stunning way. But it’s easy for web content and content marketing pieces to get stale and repetitive.

What better way to avoid common content marketing traps than to learn from the best? Here are a few inspirational tips and ideas from companies that have made it big in the world of e-commerce.

#1: ProFlowers: Go Big or Go Home

ProFlowers is a wildly popular e-commerce company with an enormous content library. The brand’s diverse blog is particularly successful, covering verticals from lifestyle, family, and relationships to gardening and, of course, flowers. It’s so popular, in fact, that 42% of the brand’s organic traffic comes from its blog.

With over 17,000 unique visitors to its SEO-optimized blog each month, this firm offers an excellent example of how quality content can drive major traffic. In particular, ProFlowers’ massive guide to flowers, “151 Types of Flowers Common in the U.S.,” is a great example of how volume and visuals can make content stand out. While there are many guides to flower types available online, this one goes above and beyond by offering a much wider variety, as well as an easy-to-follow, visually attractive chart.

#2: Jean Paul Gaultier: Use the Element of Surprise

If you want to draw readers in with your content marketing in 2020, play on the emotions we all remember from childhood, like joy, wonder, and surprise.

Fashion and fragrance brand Jean Paul Gaultier has drawn out these emotions in readers by incorporating Easter egg-style, semi-personalized surprises into its homepage. Readers could get a “fortune” or launch animations by hovering over certain page elements, for example. There’s nothing better than feeling like something was made just for you, and an interactive surprise does just that.

The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to play and have a little fun. Also, make sure your content marketing pieces match your brand voice, mission, and values. Jean Paul Gaultier is known for being quirky and daring, so its marketing approach is as well.

#3: Angie’s List: Research Isn’t Dead

Angie’s List hardly needs an introduction as a successful e-commerce brand. Its over 5 million unique visitors each month speak for themselves.

Every brand could learn something from Angie’s List’s high-quality content marketing. And while short articles are usually more popular on the web, there are plenty of involved long-form pieces on this particular blog. Many of these pieces are creative and well-researched and have a “special” quality instead of the standard web content that sometimes gets churned out. One example is “Watch Manhattan Grow Over 400 Years,” which includes a variety of historical maps.

This is the kind of content that you can’t find just anywhere, so it’ll naturally drive more traffic over time.

#4: Bonobos: Get Personal

Warmth is one of the most enticing approaches to content marketing in 2020. And readers love to feel special and catered to. The brand Bonobos accomplishes this with style, incorporating human interest stories with branding on their blog.

Rather than standard, generic content, this blog is a great example of how true storytelling can be woven in with brand messaging. Each piece includes thought leadership in the form of interviews with and personal stories from industry leaders.

#5: Honestly at The Honest Company: Know Your Customer

One of the most important aspects of content marketing in 2020 is knowing your customer base inside and out.

To provide content your users will truly value and relate to, take care to focus on crafting a customer persona and high-quality brand voice guidelines. Once you know your readers well, you’ll know what kind of content they want, too.

Honestly, the blog at The Honest Company (owned by Jessica Alba), offers organic- and sustainability-minded parents content that’s tailor-made for them. Articles on guided meditation and finding balance in a chaotic world are incorporated seamlessly with branded pieces. A new digital series, “I Never Expected,” created alongside the brand ATTN:, puts a personal face to the brand by following five couples as they add to their families.

#6: LuxyHair.com: Use Multimedia

Using a secondary platform like YouTube or Instagram to showcase your products is a popular move in content marketing in 2020. Hair extension e-commerce company LuxyHair.com rose to seven-figure status with a series of hair tutorials that highlighted the firm’s products.

Incorporating multimedia and heading to social media are great ways to provide before and after looks (especially for style and beauty brands), put a face to your brand, and let readers into your company’s “world.”

#7: Northern Brewer: Teach the Public What You Know

The best content marketing in 2020 provides high-value content to readers. Many users head to the internet to learn new things, and how-to guides can set you apart from other brands with more generic blogs or content marketing approaches.

This kind of educational content is precisely what allowed e-commerce brand Northern Brewer to rise to the top. This homebrew kit company shows readers that its founders know exactly what’s up with an in-depth guide to at-home brewing. How-to guides and other educational pieces can help your brand’s representatives become thought leaders in their own right and add credibility to your messaging.

#8: Urban Beardsman: Keep Your Focus

Many e-commerce companies make the mistake of generalizing their content. When you try to cover too many topics, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin. While it can be tempting to show versatility as a brand, for some, taking on a microniche is just the ticket.

Urban Beardsman is an excellent example of sticking to your niche, choosing a focus, and running with it. The brand’s blog is focused almost singularly and solely on beards: maintaining them, growing them, learning their history, and so forth. Their focused approach allows them to become well-known “big fish” in a smaller pond of competitors.

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