What Does It Take To Turn A Dying Brand Around?

Have you noticed your client base shrinking? How about the overall client engagement and website traffic? It can happen even to the strongest brands.

Maintaining a strong presence and client base is an ongoing uphill battle. As new brands enter the market, consumers feel the need to explore and try new options.

Today we bring you quality content creation tips to help you stay on top of the ever-changing market landscape. But before we reveal the content tactics you need to be employing, you should first do an audit and pay attention to any red flags.

Red Flags that your Brand needs a Fresh Approach

All brands begin their journey by setting their branding guides, tone, colors, logos, communication methods, and other specific elements that differentiate them from existing companies.

Sales are going well, but one day there is a decline. This is the biggest red flag. Why?

In most cases, it is due to the company not paying attention to the client’s needs. Prime recent examples include Blockbuster, Kodak, Footlocker, and many more. What these brands have in common is their omitted, creating a fresh updated approach, and using technology to their advantage.

How to Turn it Around?

1.Remind People What you Stand for

Tap into nostalgia and memories. This quality content creation tip can pull on some major emotional strings. Most buying decisions consumers make are emotional, not practical.

This method can work wonders for, especially older brands. Remind people how your brand came to be, use some of your initial commercials and logos.

Even do a throwback month when you use old jiggles, old wrapping paper, or even run competitions engaging people to see who remembers the most about the company.

Remind your customers why you started the company, your mission, and thank them for their continued support and loyalty. Such actions show brand strength and create a feeling of gratefulness. Nostalgia is always a good tool for a brand new campaign.

2. Redesign Everything

If your branding was good but never as good as you expected it to be, do not be afraid to completely redesign certain elements. You can keep your colors, or your logo or other branding aspects, and redesign the rest.

It is good to be transparent in the process, publish a press release, write a few blog articles, and slowly break the news that your company will have a fresh look soon.

To make your brand sound engaging, make an announcement after listening to what your customers have to say. Tell them you have decided to go for a new look that will appeal and represent your mission and goals more clearly.

3. Bring Back Loyal Clients

We take people for granted in our personal and professional lives constantly.

It is easy to assume that because someone has been loyal to our brand for years, they will continue to be.

In reality, loyalty is rare, and it takes effort from our side to create and maintain.

  • Send emails to your loyal clients to engage them with any efforts to redesign the brand
  • Send out discounts for loyal clients
  • Create a loyalty club and offer perks
  • Offer special coupons or products only to your loyal customers

4. Identify the Gap in your Clients

What is your usual customer demographic?

Do you see that your product is not picking up any new clients?

Let’s take for example, one of the biggest brands in the world, Coca Cola.

The soft drink was launched over 100 years ago. It has changed branding, culture, and its approach to keeping up with the times throughout the years.

A recent example of this is the introduction of Green Cola. As people are becoming more health conscientious, Coca Cola instead of kicking the bucket, decided to find a way to make the soft drink appealing to people who mind their diets.

Take a look at your brand and see if you are excluding a particular audience and what steps does your brand need to take to reach more customers.

5. Investigate and Penetrate new Channels

The online landscape is constantly changing, with new apps entering the market and old ones dropping off.

Sure, Facebook is a fixed channel for now, but at the same time, it is very saturated with ads.

Keep your eye on new social media apps and other possible channels that can help you stand out from the crowd.

6. “Fix” any Brand Issues

Over the years, all brands have made errors, some were funny, and some were complete failures.

Making an error doesn’t always hurt your brand; on the contrary it can provide material you can use for quality content creation.

For example, movies use bloopers. Take the same approach and use your errors in a funny video, or campaign to make your audience laugh.

Everyone will remember a joke more than a sales pitch.

The ability to laugh at our mistakes indicates growth and confidence.

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