Intriguing Social Media Techniques That Will Dominate The Next Year

Social media is a very versatile and flexible platform for marketing. Social media platforms evolve with time. As a result, marketers always have to update their social media content marketing techniques. Additionally, social media is a competitive space, and only the best of the best can thrive.

This article explores the future of social media and marketing, particularly the social media techniques that every marketer should consider in the coming year. The top content marketing techniques to employ to harness the power of social media include:

1.       Advanced AI technology

Social media has about 3 billion users. As a result, marketing is becoming data-driven. The involvement of social media means that data needs to be stored and personalized to get insight into the target audience. A fundamental content marketing technique that will take over the following year is using artificial intelligence. The massive amount of data generated can only be handled by artificial intelligence technology.

Advanced AI tools would enable marketers to analyze consumers’ behavior across all social media platforms. Invariably, this would improve account-based selection. Artificial intelligence is crucial to gain customer insights, personalize data, and help with content creation and optimization. The result is better service delivery and quality content to the right consumer.

2.      Voice powered consumer devices

Over the years, voice-controlled tools have assisted consumers in making prompt usage of social media. According to Professor Scott Galloway of Stern School of Business, “Whoever controls voice is going to control a quarter of all computing.”

For marketing, voice technology would make searching more accessible and product discovery faster. Therefore, it allows users to communicate with devices, which increases usability. The voice control technology can be seen in the likes of Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri. With voice control searches, users get what they want within seconds. Therefore, optimizing your social media content to produce results for voice searches is very expedient.

3.      Visual search technology

Similar to the voice search technology, visual search technology enhances usability. It is an emerging development in the world of machine learning. The concept is still evolving, but it is an excellent way for marketers to yield profits.

“The future of search engines would be pictures rather keywords,” stated Ben Silbermann, Ceo of Pinterest.

According to Ben, there are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest each month. Also, by 2021, visual and voice searches will increase digital marketing and content marketing revenue by 30%. Optimizing your visual content on social media to yield results for visual search prompts is a no-brainer.

4.     Messaging apps

Messaging apps are now source channels for content marketing. A good content marketing strategyshould incorporate messaging apps. In the following year and beyond, messaging apps would become the leading means of communication among consumers. They are becoming more popular than social media platforms.

Facebook IQ conducted a worldwide survey and found out that 56% prefer messages compared to calls, and 63% reported that messaging with business is increasing. It is not enough to have a business presence on social media websites these days. Having a functional messaging app-based presence brings your product closer to your consumers.

5.      Content marketing ads

This involves the process of creating content with the intent of advertising through paid channels. The concept of ads is not new, but it has dramatically evolved. Content marketing is not the same as content advertising. However, content ads would give marketers an edge on social media platforms. The digital market is a competitive place. As a result, paid ads are available in one click. The primary function of the ad is to amplify your content – to promote your content on social media selectively. 

6.     Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a hot new trend among social media content marketing techniques. Virtual reality has the potential to increase consumer engagement in ways that regular marketing cannot. With virtual reality, it is possible to leave stronger and more lasting effects on consumers. The possibilities are endless, and in the coming year, will change the content marketing world.  

7.      Live streaming

Live streaming is another powerful content marketing tool that enables maximum engagement. It is a great option to deliver content to users in innovative ways. Social media users often want to stream everything happening. They include breaking news, football matches, tutorials, etc. A live video strategy is a necessity to be a game-changer in the social media world. 

Final Thoughts

The coming year is considered as the year that the future begins. Although we have already seen profound changes in the social media world, next year will challenge marketers differently. It is definitely a year that social media will evolve massively.

Generation Z is continually consuming and engaging with the latest trends. Therefore, your social media content marketing techniques should be in tune with these trends.

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