Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

The modern world presents a variety of options when it comes to reaching a wide range of audiences. There are several content marketing techniques to pick from. However, without the proper management of each marketing channel, you will not achieve the desired results.

Customers love consistency, which is why we have broken down how your email and social media marketing can efficiently function together. Dive in!

Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your audience, and brought them to your website, you can keep them there if they see you as an authority.

●     Incorporate Your Email Into Social Media

As crucial as content creation is to marketing, so is content integrity, and it should also be managed effectively to yield results. The principle of content advises that whatever message you deliver on your social media accounts should be in sync with your emails. It will affect your brand negatively if conflicting information is being published. In fact, you may even lose customers.

The solution to this probable issue is to ensure that the teams on both sides – email, and social media – work hand-in-hand.

●     Implement Your Email List To Achieve Optimal Ads Results

Ads are one of the best content marketing techniquesfor brand promotions. But social media ads are costly. However, they are useful, and in the long run, you can’t do without them. What you can do to cut down on cost, though, is to use your email list. Email marketing is a technique you can use to test-run the idea before full-blown social media ads for the actual content.

For instance, you can decide which ads are worth your dime based on the email subject lines that get the most clicks/enthusiasm.

●     Convert Content

For any organization to successfully run, all hands must be on deck. Also, in content marketing, all channels must actively work together to achieve optimal performance. For the effective recycling of content, the email and social media marketing teams must apply the same content marketing techniques.

In simple terms, both departments should butt heads, accomplish fantastic content, and implement it in their different channels.

For instance, a Twitter thread which is evidently created by the social media marketing team can be converted to email content. It is easy. You only have to link the tweet in whichever email you want to attach it to, rather than thinking up a fresh idea.

Another merit of this concept is that it makes your social media pages easily accessible to your subscribers. Now, your subscribers are just a click away from following your profiles. How efficient!

●     Program Fresh Social Media Content That Will Point Out Your Email List

You need to start prompting the followers of your social media pages to take note of your email list. One of the ways to go about it is to appoint social media posts with a link that directs internet users to your email list landing page. To make it appealing, you should address how it will benefit the user if he/she clicks on the site. Your content marketing technique must include stating why the email list is impressive.

●     Online Contests

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to run a big establishment before you can indulge your customers in online contests. Online contests are the perfect way to discover a whole new world of clients and relate with former clients. They are easy to launch, affordable to run, and cost-effective. The return-on-investment (ROI) is usually exemplary.

Also, you can use these games to build your email list by coming up with effective measures. One way to go about it is by first creating a call-to-action and an irresistible prize. The next step is to lay the conditions for winning. Whoever wants to join has to first sign up for your newsletter.

●     Transfer Your Email List To Social Media

This is an easy way to gain more followers on your social media. The process requires importing the subscribers of your email list to your social media accounts. However, this content marketing technique will be futile if you don’t produce excellent content to keep them interested.

●     Include Links To Your Social Media Accounts In Your Email Updates

An email update that isn’t linked to your social media account is like a business card without the company’s contact information. It is always advisable to provide more than one option for customers to reach you.

Any social media page that is pertinent to your email content must be linked to the email updates. This link will make it easy for subscribers who want to see more of your content to follow you on your social media accounts. Nobody wants to go through the chore of searching for your profile. So, make it easy for them.


After putting in all the work and planning, you wouldn’t want your fault to be in manhandling the strategies. For this reason, you have to ensure that you properly integrate all the marketing channels.

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