Can You Instantly Increase Your Authority Online?

If you’re pouring your time and energy into producing content, but find that you’re capturing a disappointing number of readers, it may be due to your lack of online authority.

Luckily, we’re here to show you how you can you instantly increase your authority online with some easy content marketing techniques.

Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your audience, and brought them to your website, you can keep them there if they see you as an authority.

Becoming an authority online is the only way that you can distinguish yourself from the competition.
Some of the advantages include:

  • Traffic and links to your site, by being cited as an industry source
  • Trust gained from your reader, which will help drive your business
  • Potential partnerships for business opportunities
  • Lower barrier of entry for future endeavors

What Can You Do Now to Increase Your Authority

1. Be Clear with Your Message

The first thing you need to do is make sure your message is focused.

If your site is built around nutrition, then posting random articles about how to manage a stock portfolio or how to make sure your dog doesn’t hold a low opinion of you, shouldn’t be part of your blog.

If your message is targeted to a niche audience, you have to be firm with your stance. If you take a middle-of-the-road opinion, you’re going to lose a lot of rapport with your strongest supporters.

This will open you up to critics, but by going back and forth on the subject you’re supposedly a specialist in, doesn’t really build confidence with your readers.

Declaring that you’re an authority on a subject and trimming everything irrelevant from your blog is one of the fastest content marketing techniques.

2. Publish a Case Study

An easy way to become an online authority is to find a common problem and then publish a case study after some research.

The process is fairly straightforward:

  • Choose a problem
  • Research any data currently available
  • Examine the current proposed solutions
  • Decipher what method of solution is most efficient with supporting evidence

This is one of the content marketing techniques that will require some reading, note-taking, and dedication.

After you’ve read over the facts, you want to identify a few key problems and how they affect the market.

Once you have the problems, look into the various methods used to remedy them, and select the best solution.

You will want to attach supporting evidence, outside research, and the probability that the solution is plausible.

The format should be constructed along these lines:

  • Introduction
  • Key problems for the case study.
  • Thesis statement
  • Short summary of the outcome of your research
  • Background of the case study including facts and issues
  • List research conducted on the problems presented
  • Evaluation of the case study
  • Summarize your focus and how they impact the case
  • Propose either solutions of changes
  • Explain why this solution was chosen with solid evidence
  • Present strategies that could be undertaken to provide the solution
  • Provide and recommended follow-up actions if necessary

When you publish your case study, you’re establishing that you do research, and then it will be assumed that everything you post will be backed by research.

Out of all of the content marketing techniques to build yourself as an authority, publishing a case study can have the greatest impact if you choose a relevant problem.

3. Showcase Your Site with the Best Videos and Photos for your Niche

If you’re not using video, you should start.

According to Vidyard’s infographic, companies and marketers that utilized videos on their sites saw 49% revenue growth over companies that did without video.

If you have photos or video of yourself speaking before the public, or even just speaking to the camera about your specialty, then this already lends credence to your authority.

Just as in every other instance in our lives, our initial perception forms the basis of how we feel about someone. Plus, humans are visual creatures, and we can build an emotional affinity with someone based on just a picture.

Case in point, if I’m promoting my legal website, and I have a picture of myself in workout clothes, or even worse, just a block of text, I’m doing my authority a huge disservice.

If I’m presenting my legal site, I want photos of me in a suit and a stoic pose.

If I’m promoting my oil painting site, then it might be ok to show myself disheveled and covered in paint.

If I’m selling myself as a life coach, I want to be presentable but approachable, maybe speaking in front of a small group or even a crowd.

Choosing the right videos and photos are quick content marketing techniques that can build your authority in the eyes of your audience.

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