7 Brilliant B2B Video Marketing Techniques You Should Try Out

Studies show that by the end of 2019, video traffic will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic worldwide, according to Forbes. Here are 7 effective B2B video marketing techniques that you should explore to take advantage of this popular trend:

Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look of Your Brand

One of the highlights of owning a new movie on DVD or Blu-ray is the special features. Even if you have already seen the movie, your curiosity may lead you to the featurettes that show what happened behind the scenes. The same is the case with our brand when it comes to video marketing. Most content marketing techniques encourage you to be as transparent as possible with your target audience. An effective way to accomplish this goal is to create a video for your prospective and existing customers that shows what happens behind the scenes.

Perhaps you can show what goes into your product design and development. You may record short interviews with your staff members or even show a walkthrough of a typical day at “the office.” This “inside look” will build trust and rapport with your target customers – indirectly encouraging them to do business with you.

Turn Old Blog Posts into New Videos 

If you have a considerable number of published blog posts, then you have more than enough material to convert into engaging videos. Review your highest-quality blogs and produce a video that highlights the main points and key elements from that content. You could then use the video as a “teaser trailer” of sorts to captivate your audience’s attention. Adding a link that will drive them back to the original blog post will help drive traffic and boost your SEO at the same time.

There are several popular formats that you can use when creating these videos. For instance, you could turn the content into:

  • An infographic with relevant images and statistics
  • A whiteboard animation video with recorded narration
  • A slideshow converted into a video presentation
  • A video recording of a speech presentation based on that information

Be sure to mix things up when it comes to the format that you select. With high-quality content in your blog, there should be a vast number of opportunities for you to consider.

Use Live Video in Moderation

Social media platforms are starting to cater to live broadcasts more than edited recordings in recent years. From Instagram Stories to Facebook Live, the numbers do not lie about the increasing popularity of these video marketing tools. Studies show that live broadcast watch times within Facebook alone quadrupled within a single year, according to Hootsuite. It makes sense why some may want to shoot live videos all the time to market their brand.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the best course of action. You want to have a proper blend of live broadcasts and edited recordings to keep your audience engaged and informed. Chances are that you will never find effective content marketing techniques that encourage you           to solely focus on live broadcasts.

Match the Outlet with Your Target Audience

The last thing you want is to create video content that your target audience will never see. Just because you post something online does not mean it will capture the attention of your key demographic. Keep in mind that viewing habits within the B2B realm vary depending on the actual platform. For instance, multiple studies show that B2B audiences are more likely to use LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter to connect to brands instead of Instagram and Facebook. It may take a little more creativity and cleverness to optimize your content for these platforms. However, it is still much better than trying to catch customers with a frayed net.

Encourage & Embrace Audience Feedback

Effective content marketing techniques encourage you to consider the needs and expectations of your audience. By inviting them to provide you with honest feedback, you will maintain an updated record of those needs and expectations.

You should never go with the assumption of what you think your target audience will enjoy. A simple survey or poll can provide you with more answers to your questions than you might think. Make sure that you cover the top topics and ask direct questions. Doing so will help you to get the input that you need the most from your efforts.

Analyze the Progress of Your Marketing Campaign

Just as you do with any form of online marketing, you must analyze the progress of your video marketing strategy. This should be done on a regular basis – not just when you conduct an initial examination of your posted videos. It is imperative for you to understand what works and what did not work and what connected to or disconnected from your customers. Keeping a close eye on your analytics will give you an accurate assessment of the success (or failure) of applied content marketing techniques.

Be Flexible & Make the Necessary Changes

You should never become complacent or too comfortable with your existing video marketing strategy. The digital age refuses to stay put or get comfortable, and neither should you! Once you have followed the content marketing techniques outlined above, you may see where some changes that need to be made. Do not hesitate to do so! Otherwise, you run the risk of diverting your customers’ attention from your brand to your competitors.

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