How to Come Up with New Content Ideas That Your Customers Will Love

It’s time to write a new post, but you have no idea what to write. The last thing you want to do is publish a post that your customers either ignore or hate. Here are several tips you can use to come up with quality content ideas that will please your existing customers and attract even more:

Analyze the Dropdown List of Google Searches

Google essentially enjoys finishing other people’s sentences. For instance, when you type a keyword or phrase into the search bar, Google creates a quick dropdown list filled with several guesses of topics and categories related to your entry. When conducting a specific search, you may ignore most of these lists to save time. However, when trying to come up with lovable content ideas that will draw a crowd, you should return to those same lists. You may find a longtail keyword that you could easily turn into your next viral post.

Examine Comments and Customer Feedback

Chances are your customers have already given you quite a few great content ideas to consider in the comments left behind for you in response to your various posts. For instance, studies show that concluding your content with an open-ended question will encourage your audience to make a micro-commitment and answer it in the “comments” section. As you read through the responses, try to extract any questions, concerns or topics of interest that you could convert into a quality content idea for a future post.

Conduct an Online Forum for Additional Feedback

When analyzing other content marketing tactics about creating great ideas, never underestimate the value of customer feedback. As mentioned above, there may be quite a bit of it in your blog comments and social media interactions. To generate even more value from this asset, though, conduct interviews and open forums with your most active followers and fans.

Encourage your interviewees and forum participants to offer honest feedback. You can learn more and benefit more from genuine comments about your areas of improvement than sugarcoated comments about your strengths. Those responses will also give you plenty of ideas to discuss in future posts.

Connect the Dots of Current Events

Breaking news stories have already been covered by an endless number of websites, social media influencers and other media outlets. There may still be some precious nuggets left for you to discover. All you need to do is connect the dots between those current events and your brand. This will undoubtedly require a little creativity and clever thinking on your part to pull this off – especially if you never succeeded at using this approach in the past. Like the stars of a constellation, you will eventually see how the dots connect and be eager to let your audience in on the secret as quickly as possible.

Take a Quick Look at the Competition

Another way to effectively break through a writer’s block is to take a quick look at your competitor’s content. You never want to plagiarize their work – especially if your objective is to build your reputation instead of breaking it. However, you can use their work as a source of inspiration to create quality content of your own.

For instance, you may notice that your competitors address an aspect of your target market that you have not considered. Conversely, you may also notice an aspect that your competitors have forgotten to discuss. Paying close attention to what they do and do not cover can paint a beautiful picture of possibilities for your own content development.

Expand on Your Past Topics and Posts

Quality content ideas may already exist within your existing content. How? As you read through your previously published posts, you may notice there are quite a few unturned stones. Perhaps you ended a post with an open-end question, but never created a follow-up post to answer it. You may have referenced subtopics within a post that you could easily expand into an engaging post of its own.

Analyze some of your most popular posts to find these buried treasures and use them to pave new paths. Use a journal or notebook as you consider your past work closely and carefully to make sure that none of the quality content ideas that emerge in your mind slip through the cracks.

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