Social Marketing Is Centered Around Experiences: 5 Tips to Make It Work

Gone are the days when a new business could just rely on the “Four P’s” of social marketing (although they are still very important to validate). Businesses used to be able to cast a large net and hope that their advertisements would bring in clients. In this article we will discuss 5 content creation tips to help you optimize your social media, and how you can center your strategy around experience.
Commercial marketing used to rely on convincing consumers to buy their product. However, with the ability to read metrics and test strategies effectively for marketing campaigns, companies have learned that experience focused marketing is able to cut through the mass of advertisements reaching us daily. Follow along with us as we show you 5 content creation tips to help reach your audience by engaging them in an experience and not just simple content.

1. Validate Your Businesses “Four P’s”

While it’s easy to sell yourself on your great idea, it’s also easy to fall victim to your own hype. Learn how to engage your audience by allowing them to contribute their ideas on any upgrades or new products you have coming out.

Before you launch your new hand embroidered underwear for mid-sized dogs, go over the “Four P’s” and see if the idea is worthwhile to pursue. This is our first from our content creation tips, and it focuses on evaluating your idea utilizing your potential customers before putting in effort towards useless content.

  • Product: Run polls, launch product awareness campaigns, conduct surveys, ask a neighbor, no matter how you choose, you should try to get as much unbiased feedback as you can to see if your product is even needed.
  • Price: If you have an audience for your product run test to see that your maximizing time for value. If your product is a blog, you can check your bounce rate to see if people are staying on a page long enough to actually reach them, or if it’s content that needs to be cut from the line-up.
  • Place: You need to determine where to focus your time, if you’re targeting women solely, then you want to rely on Pinterest to get your message to the market.
  • Promotion: Here is where you are either creating or continuing the demand for your content. While it used to be easy enough to snag a customer with a 10% off for a limited time offer, customers are becoming savvy to these ploys. Now, research is indicating that content needs to engage a user in order to be cost effective.

After you’ve audited your content, these content creation tips can be put to better use, and build an audience that’s right for you.

2. Create Strategic Partnerships

As the millennial generation makes deeper roots as the major consumers, it’s easy to forget that Generation Z is right on their heels, and their content consumption comes in an entirely different form. This younger generation is looking for brands that they connect with, and they want to have shared experiences with them. Creating strategic partnerships on social media is also among our very important content creation tips.

Back in the day, if you were interested in a product, you’d most likely seek out a friend who was knowledgeable on the subject, then move onto comments on platform pages. Social media influencers have become the trusted opinion. Influencers, both large and small, are developing  personal branding of their opinion that their peers can relate to (or envy), giving their words weight.

For future clients, you’ll want to build relationships with various influencers. These influencers convey a sense of trust, so if they say that they had a positive experience with your content, then your potential audience will rush to your door.

These partnerships can be constructed in a variety of ways, ranging from a simple client/provider relationship to joint collaboration on post, articles, and even videos.

3. Examine Experiential Marketing

One of the most important content creation tips is to guide the audience to experience your brand through experiential marketing.

The idea is to create an emotional tie with your brand by providing a memorable interaction. Having a strong emotion (hopefully positive) associated with your brand is worth more than a dozen Facebook ads on their feed.

You may have seen intricate PR stunts, with coffee houses having products fly around the shop to promote a new movie, or you might remember that last decade, 20th Century Fox transformed 12 7-Elevens into Kwik-E-Marts, the shop run by Apu from the long running TV series, The Simpsons, to promote its own movie.

While this may seem like one of those content creation tips relegated to the multimillion dollar conglomerates, there are different ways that you can engage with your audience on a smaller scale. It can be as easy as going to a local convention and engaging the crowd with games. The only limit is your imagination.

4. Target Communities

Sometimes you need to go directly to the source, this may seem obvious, but if you go into a Facebook group dedicated to working moms with a sales pitch, they can smell it a mile away.

However, the fact that these groups do exist just means you have to be a little more creative if not just outright genuine with them to get their attention.

If your targeted audience is working moms, then enter the group and let them know what you do and that you are there to contribute.

Slowly build trust and share your experiences with them and you’ll see people open up to you and what you can provide. Keep in mind that out of these content creation tips, this one takes the longest to develop.

As long as you don’t spam the group, and you give thoughtful insight and feedback, you’re audience can grow exponentially. Essentially you are becoming your own influencer.

5. Employ Chatbots

Well, as it’s been implied, the future is now. With everyone’s ever decreasing attention span, when you get a message, you need to respond right away.

Instagram direct message, and Facebook messenger shouldn’t be overlooked as a valuable way to build a strong experience with your brand. While in a perfect world, you could respond instantly to everyone, there’s just not that many hours in a day.

Instead you can lean on Chatbots to pick up the workload. With a little bit of ingenuity and forethought Chatbots can be the first point of contact with users, where they can create personalized experience with an audience at scale. Chatbots allow you to plug in your own personality to the bot, making it fun for your audience to use, which in turn makes chatbots part of our top 5 creative content tips.

A big bonus on this last tip, it requires minimal maintenance.

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