How to Turn Your Content into Revenue

Once you start generating traffic with your quality content, you may start researching content marketing tactics that teach how to turn those posts into moneymakers. Here are several tips and tricks that you can use to transform your published content into revenue streams:

Offer Subscriptions for Premium Content

After you develop a solid audience, you may want to introduce subscriptions into the equation. Your regular visitors may start to ask, “How much does content cost for an exclusive fan club?” Perhaps you have some premium content that you can offer to your most loyal customers and visitors and charge premium prices for access to it. Subscriptions lead to ongoing revenue that you can generate directly from your content.

Create eBooks and Other Content Packages

When converting your content into revenue, you may realize that you can convert quite a few posts into informative eBooks or even engaging workbooks, self-help handbooks and manuals.

Take the time to examine your top posts – specifically, the ones that generated the most buzz and received the most feedback/reactions from your target audience. Perhaps you could use some of your popular posts to build a foundation for paid content – such as eBooks, self-help publications and informative lists that are worth every penny charged.

Paid Advertising is Essential

If your online content generates substantial traffic, you can potentially generate a substantial income just from paid advertising opportunities alone. Depending on your niche and target market, there are more than likely quite a few companies and clients who will pay you for sponsored posts and link placement. Whether you decide to use a program like Google AdSense or seek out affiliate marketing options, remember that moderation is key.

Promote the Benefits of Linked Inventory

Another way that you could turn your quality content into revenue is through promoting products and/or services within it. Keep in mind that transforming your content into a billboard or commercial script can backfire and cause your engagement rates to decline.

The key is to cleverly and creatively draw attention to your inventory by using your content to paint beautiful pictures of the associated features and benefits. For instance, your customer may not enjoy reading an advertisement for your landscaping service. However, an article that outlines the value of professional landscaping with well-placed backlinks connected to your website may accomplish your moneymaking mission. 

Convert Your Content into Other Formats

Content marketing tactics that focus on making money with your content will also encourage you to convert your quality content into other formats that will appeal to other platforms. For instance, your most popular blog post may generate even more traffic as an infographic on Pinterest, a podcast or even an engaging YouTube video. The same principle applies to all content types. Thanks to the prevalence and popularity of the digital age, there is a vast number of content creation options and platforms that you can use to drive traffic and generate revenue from your work.

Schedule Webinars and Video Conferences

If you want to expand your outreach and generate more exposure in addition to revenue, then you should schedule quality webinars and video conferences based on your content. Remember: Your content allows you to build a solid reputation as an authoritative expert within your field. Prospective and existing customers who find your work useful and valuable will more than likely be willing to invest in your expertise.

Schedule a webinar or video conference that focuses on an in-demand need or popular topic – offering “free” information. In addition to building your lead generation list with each respondent, you will also be able to engage quite a few followers and fans even more – convincing them to invest in any premium services offered.

Be Creative and Be Clever

One of the most important content marketing tactics that you should follow is to remain creative and clever every step of the way. There are many other content creators within your industry seeking the same dream of creating moneymaking content. How will yours stand out? What will you do differently today that will benefit your online presence and bottom-line revenue tomorrow?

Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to turn your content into revenue streams, do the necessary research and find an effective method that works best for you. 

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