So, What Does A Content Agency Do?

Content is king is any online marketing strategy. Marketers today increasingly rely on quality content to attract, engage and delight their target audience. However, not all businesses can afford to hire an in-house team of content writers and marketers. This is where a content agency comes in.

A content agency offers content creation, marketing and other services related to content. Partnering with an agency is like hiring a full team of content professionals, except that you don’t have to hire, train or oversee the team. Instead, the content agency does all this for you.

In this post, we talk about the different types of content agencies, how a content agency works and a look at the costs of hiring a content agency.

Types of Content Agencies

Content agencies come in different types and sizes. Some are small and focus on a particular area of content, such as video. Others are large with dedicated specialists for different industries and areas. Here is a quick view of some notable types of content agencies.

Industry-specific agency: An industry-specific agency focuses on a particular area such as healthcare, IT, law or education. It has dedicated professionals and expertise in its respective niche. This makes it better positioned to offer content creation and marketing services for that specific area.

Sector-specific agency: A sector-specific agency focuses on a particular segment of the audience. For instance, an agency may exclusively handle B2B content, published by businesses for businesses. Another may focus entirely on B2C content.

Video content agency: Video content consumption has skyrocketed over the past few years. Seeing this trend, some content agencies focus exclusively on video content. We can expect more and more content agencies in 2019 to follow this path.

All-Purpose agency: An agency with a large number of specialists and writers on board is typically an all-purpose agency. This type of agency can handle most, if not all, types of content projects. For bulk volume content production, an all-purpose agency is a good place to start.

How does a content agency work?

A good content agency works like any other efficient business. On the client side, the agency will communicate with you to understand your content requirements. If needed, it may also let you see and choose the available agency writers and creative talent.

Most agencies have a professional hierarchy of writers, editors, subeditors, marketers and so on. Any piece of content you assign goes through this hierarchy.

The editors assign the tasks, define deadlines and verify the deliverables from the writers. The delivered content is then vetted and edited before it is finalized. Most agencies let you ask for any revisions or modifications you may require in the output.

A unique feature of a content agency is that it offers flexible payment options. You can typically choose between per word, per project, per hour or per month payment plans.

Content Agency Costs: A Comparison

The costs associated with a content agency are often a concern for businesses. As a small or medium business, you may naturally wonder how much does it cost to work with a content agency. Here are two quick comparisons to give you the low-down on agency costs.

Content Agency vs In-House Team: An in-house content team is a major investment. You have to shortlist and hire the right talent, offer training, manage team members and oversee work. You also have to offer employee privileges, perks and pay. With a content agency, you simply give requirements and get work in return. So you only pay for the work done which costs a lot less.

Content Agency vs Writer: Hiring individual writers is often the most affordable option. However, the associated costs quickly pile up. Individual writers are notoriously unreliable. A content writer you hire may go on a sabbatical, simply end a partnership or deliver sub-quality work. All of these result in additional costs. Ultimately, a content agency delivers a better and more consistent quality in comparison which justifies its costs.

Why Partner with a Content Agency?

Working with a content agency offers many benefits. You can literally choose the best creative talent when you hire a content agency. You don’t have to limit yourselves to your in-house team members or the people you can hire at your location. Instead, you can hire the best people anywhere in the world by partnering with the right agency.

A content agency also lets you streamline and speed up the process of content creation and promotion. Most agencies have a process in place to take your requirements, assign them, refine the output from writers and then share it with you. An agency specializes in this, so the entire process is very efficient. These are some of the pros of content agencies.

Compared to individual writers, a content agency is more organized and formal. It typically works with strict quality checks, editorial reviews, deadlines, deliverables and content schedule. For businesses with a budget including startups, partnering with a content agency enables content strategy implementation without any delays.

Outsourcing content creation and marketing may sound risky. However, that is the case when you hire individual writers. When you partner with a reputable agency, many of these risks are eliminated. Make sure you look up the reputation, past performance and credentials of an agency before you choose to hire it.

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