The Content Agency Edition 2019: We Debunk the Myths About Working with Content Agencies

Content creation is the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. As a small and medium business, you may not have the resources to hire a full in-house team of writers. This is where you have the option of hiring a freelance writer or a content agency. 

Hiring a content agency is often seen as a cumbersome process. You might think that partnering with such an agency costs a tidy sum. You may also have concerns about the quality, the deliverables, and other aspects of your content strategy.

In this post, we examine some of the myths about hiring content agencies. Read on to get the low-down on how agencies work, the comparative costs, and the issue of content quality.

Myth # 1: Content Agency Writers Are Not Experienced

The Truth: Most content agencies verify the credentials of their writers. The team members pass a very complicated onboarding process before they even get to write a single word for you. They also showcase the experience and skill sets of these writers. By taking a look at the available pool of talent, you can see how qualified an agency’s writers are. The fact is that some of the best content writers and marketers today are increasingly working with agencies, or running one. So, most of the content agencies in 2019 are lead and staffed by highly experienced content writers and marketers.

Myth # 2: Content Done By Agencies Is Too Expensive

The Truth: Most agencies offer flexible payment options and discounted rates for large-volume content jobs. You can essentially customize the payments by choosing between per hour, per word, per project or per month payment options.

In general, content agency costs are a lot less than the costs of an in-house team. A Fractl analysis shows that an in-house team with junior talent costs $86,500 per month for low volume content production. A content agency delivers the same talent and quality for $12,000 per month.

Hiring individual writers may sound like a more affordable option. However, it is fraught with overhead costs. Freelance writers may skip deadlines, deliver sub-quality content, or disappear altogether. If you have to replace writers often, edit and vet all submitted content once more, and keep reminding your writers of the deadlines, the extra costs quickly neutralize any initial cost advantage you had.

Myth # 3: Content Delivered By Agencies Lacks Quality

The Truth: Any reputable content agency has stringent quality-checks in place. Agency writers are required to adhere to style guidelines and client requirements. Every deliverable is verified, vetted, edited, and finalized by professional editors. An agency has the convenience of having all the right professionals in one place. So most of the content goes through the writer, editor, and marketer before it reaches the client. It also streamlines and speeds up the process of content creation.

Myth # 4: Content Agencies Are Not Flexible To Requirements

The Truth: When you have an in-house team, you can call up a meeting at any time, assign tasks you want, change requirements when needed and redefine the work schedule at a moment’s notice. You may think you don’t afford such flexibility with a content agency. But the truth is that most content agencies are incredibly flexible to your requirements. You can sign off all work to the agency, or work directly with the agency writers and marketers. You can choose to partner for a month, a few months, a year or more. When it comes to payments, most agencies will let you choose between per month, per project, per hour or per word payment options. Such sheer flexibility means more quality work done in less time and at a lower cost.

Myth # 5: Content Agencies Are Not Reliable

The Truth: Content agencies are just like any other business – the really good ones run like clockwork. Tasks are assigned on time, deliverables are defined and verified, quality checks are reviewed, and deadlines are observed. You can even ask for revisions and modification of requirements on the go. When you hire the right content agency, it is almost as reliable as your own in-house team of writers.

Myth # 6: Content Agencies Don’t Deliver Industry-Specific Content

The Truth: Again, a distinction needs to be made between a good agency and a run-of-the-mill agency. Good content agencies have professionals with industry-specific expertise. This means whether you want a research paper related to healthcare or a pamphlet for an upcoming event, you are covered. You can also find industry-specific content agencies such as those exclusively working on healthcare content marketing.

A good content agency delivers quality at par with a professional in-house team of writers. At the same time, it costs you a lot less and streamlines many aspects of your content strategy.

Many small and medium businesses have concerns about working with a content agency. But most of these concerns are based on myths and misperceptions surrounding content agencies. In 2019, more and more businesses are likely to outsource their work to an agency. If your business can’t afford an in-house team, you may want to consider the option.

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