Want Your Blog Post to Stand Out? Use These 5 Tips

More than 4 million blog posts are prepared and published online every day. It would be hard for a person to stand out in a crowd of 4 million let alone a blog post. However, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to shine a spotlight on your quality content:

Take Your Time When Creating a Headline

Quite a few inexperienced bloggers and content creators rush through the headline to dive headfirst into the body of their content. A common misconception is that the headline is less valuable to a reader than the actual message it promotes. Multiple studies have proven that the exact opposite is the case. Keep in mind that 80 percent of people will read your headline and move on without hesitation. Studies have shown that only the remaining 20 percent will stick around to see what you have to say after that. You must make sure that you create a high-quality headline that is compelling and creative to get your readers to even stick around.

Calculate the Value of Your Content

Another tip to get your blog post to stand out is to assess the value of your content. Some may assume this means to answer the question, “How much does content cost?” Before you focus too much on how much your content is worth to you, pay closer attention to how much it is worth to your audience. The human attention span is valuable yet limited, which makes it a high-value form of currency that you need to shine a spotlight on your content. Make sure that every single post you create offers value and usefulness to your target audience. Otherwise, it will slip through the cracks along with millions of other unread blog posts.

Implement a Link Building Strategy

Make sure you have a “method to the madness” when it comes to placing links within your content. Avoid the trap of just adding links without using them to promote your posts. For instance, if you post a link from an authoritative site, you should tag them in a social media post or tweet when you share that post online. Perhaps they may respond to or repost your content. At the very least, it will maximize your exposure and boost the credibility of your material.

In addition to using links to other websites, you should also have a strategy for using links to your own content. You do not want to overdo this and cram your new post with a bunch of links to old material. However, linking to 1-2 related articles may send your audience members down a trail to explore more of your saved posts from the past.

Use Social Media Wisely to Spread the Word

Do you already have a social media marketing strategy? Even the best quality content needs a high-quality promotion strategy to help it stand out. Your social media platforms can provide first-class assistance in this regard if you use them wisely. Have a regular posting schedule that you use to promote your blog posts but avoid the risk of turning your social media page into a “blog post billboard.” You still want to add other valuable content to your social media feed – including images & infographics and shared posts from other sources. Remember – the name of the game is “value.” If you do not offer it to your target audience, they will click away from your site and just find someone else who does offer it.

Draw More Attention to Your Blog

In addition to promoting your individual blog posts, do not forget to have an effective promotion plan for your overall blog as well. Promoting your blog with a standard message or tag line that advertises the primary purpose or objective of your content will help to maximize exposure. This way, you will draw attention to your entire theme park of content instead of just a single ride or attraction. Who knows? Perhaps someone will find one of your older posts that you forgot about over time, spark a fire when they share it and turn it into viral content. That is a surefire way (pun intended) to help your blog post sta

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