Where Will SEO Be By 2023?

It truly is amazing to sit back and consider how far SEO has evolved within just the past decade. As you study various content marketing tactics and create new strategies for your brand, it is highly recommended to carefully consider where SEO is heading within the next 4-5 years and how you should react accordingly.

The Cornerstone of Unique Content

Quality content plays an instrumental role in the success of SEO today. With each passing year, it seems as if the presence of unique content progressively fades away. More and more signs of duplicated content and recycled work emerge online almost daily.

Consumers are still searching for something that they have never seen before, which is why unique content will become a driving force of SEO by 2023. When you analyze the topics and keywords selected for your various posts and articles, strive to find a creative and clever angle or perspective that has not been addressed. Focus on the questions that have not been asked yet more than the questions that have already been answered.

Mobile-First Indexing Will Be a Top Priority

A major change in the world of SEO is the exponential rise of mobile-first indexing. It is projected that more than 4.7 billion people will use mobile devices by 2020 – an increase of more than 600 million people since 2015. Since mobile devices account for most online traffic, it makes sense why Google would focus on this specific type of indexing as a top priority. However, this also means that content creators and marketers must follow suit as well.

Having a high-quality mobile website or even a standard website with responsive design is crucial. If you want your online presence to survive and thrive in 2023, then you must put this tool to work for your brand now. Your goal should be to make your website as easy to find, navigate and engage with as possible. Shifting your focus to a responsive design that accommodates mobile browsing will help you to achieve this goal.

Voice Searches Will Play an Integral Role

Years ago, keystrokes and mouse clicks were the only tools available to use search engines. However, the digital age of user accessibility introduced voice-activated searches into the equation. Studies have shown that an increasing number of consumers and mobile device users rely on voice searches to initiate online searches.

According to Forbes, one report projects that 50% of all online queries will rely on voice-activated devices by 2020. At that rate, this percentage will continue to increase leading into 2023. This statistic should not surprise anyone – especially when you consider that 1 in 6 Americans own smart speakers and more than 35 million Americans use a voice-activated device every month.

Therefore, when creating quality content, this will require you to view keywords and key phrases in a different light. The questions asked by consumers using voice searches differ slightly from a typical question – which means your content must respond to queries based on natural, spoken language.

Visual Searches Will Make an Impact

In addition to voice-activated searches, more people will rely on visual searches to find what they need as well. Keep in mind that there are over 10 billion images saved within the growing Google Images library – a collection that reportedly generates more than one billion pageviews each day.

However, the captivation of images extends far beyond the boundaries of Google searches. For instance, according to eMarketer, business posts on Facebook that included images generated nearly 90% of all engagements. The links attached to these searchable images help drive traffic towards your website and overall online presence, which is why their value will progressively increase past 2023.

Leave Plenty of Room for Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin experts have already familiarized themselves with the ins and outs of blockchain technology. However, multiple studies show that quality content creators and marketers will also feel the ripple effect of blockchain technology within the next decade. This technology will construct the bridges of trustworthy transactions that connect companies with customers.

Blockchain technology is designed to effectively distinguish the real people from the robots and calculate authentic click-throughs to your online presence. At its core, this technology will provide your brand with an effective deterrent against online fraud.

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