6 Marketing Mistakes That You Need to Avoid This Year

If you want your quality content marketing strategy to be successful this year, there are several pitfalls and traps you want to avoid:

Break the Brand Boundary

Your brand has built a solid reputation (and expectation) within your target audience. They know when to expect your content, what type of content to expect and even the type of visuals you will embed within it.

Too many people make the mistake of “experimenting” with various elements and making extensive changes to “try something new.” Breaking your brand boundaries could hinder your traffic instead of helping it. There is nothing wrong with making moderate changes that flow with your brand standards. However, there is a major danger in coloring outside of the lines when it comes to consumer expectation.

Play the Field of Plagiarism

Most people know that copying someone else’s work word-for-word is plagiarism. Children even learn about this literary violation while attending grade school. A common misconception, however, is that rewriting someone else’s content is acceptable. Google detects duplicate content and will penalize your online presence accordingly. Playing anywhere near the field of plagiarism could potentially kill your SEO efforts and nullify any other content marketing tactics that you use. In addition, you run the risk of ruining your reputation within your target audience and industry.

Stay Away from Social Media

Regardless of how you personally feel about social media, refusing to use it as a professional tool for your content is a huge mistake. Most effective content marketing tactics in 2019 encourage content creators to harness the power of social media and for good reason. One report shows a projection of 3.02 billion people using social media by 2021. You need to make sure that your content marketing strategy is complemented by a well-structured social media strategy. In addition to promoting your blog posts and other website content, your social media strategy should also consist of posts, shareable images and other social media-exclusive content.

Focus on Shooting Star Blog Posts

Everyone wants to “go viral” today with their online content. Whether it’s an online video, blog post or shareable photo, quite a few people focus on creating viral content by any means necessary. There are quite a few videos and posts that “strike oil”, go viral and generate 5-6 figure views. However, most of them fade into oblivion almost as quickly as they gained popularity – like shooting stars that shine brightly for a moment and then die.

One of the best content marketing tactics that you can follow this year is to avoid these “shooting stars.” You should focus on compounding blog posts that build a consistent stream of traffic towards your online presence without an expiration date.

Force-Feed Ads to Your Customers

Billboards, promotional flyers, and commercials are effective advertising tools when marketing your products and services. How much value will your target customers get from your content if that is all you have to offer them?

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. If a company used its website and social media pages to only force-feed billboards and promotional ads to you daily, how long would it take for you to stop following them? What makes you think your customers will stick around any longer than that?

You must remember that quality content means providing your customers with usefulness, relevancy and value. There is nothing wrong with an occasional ad or promotion. You can get more “bang for your buck,” though, by using quality content to inadvertently sell your expertise and inventory on your behalf.

Ignore the Analytics

How often do you review and examine your analytics, traffic reports and other pertinent data related to your content? If you are not taking the time to pay close attention to your content performance, you are making a huge mistake. How much does content cost you? Think about the money, time and effort that you spend creating and marketing your work. It is clear how much you are working for your content, right? You could be wasting those valuable resources if you ignore the analytics that show how your content is working for you. These reports may be sent to you automatically on a daily or weekly basis. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot get much value from an emailed report that you never open.

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