The Future of Content Marketing: A Few Considerations

The digital age of social  media and online content continues to develop, evolve and transform with each passing year. An alarming number of viral videos and blog posts that were trending 2-3 years ago are barely even mentioned today. What will the future of content marketing look like by 2023? More importantly, how can you survive the test of time to make sure your content is around to see it?

Shift Your CONTENT MARKETING Focus to Evergreen, Not Temporal

To make sure your quality content is fully equipped to survive the future, you need to focus more on creating evergreen content instead of temporal. “Temporal” content only offers short-term relevance. You may scroll through waves and waves of temporal content on any given day. From YouTube videos that are viewed today & ignored tomorrow to breaking news stories that make headlines today but are “old news” tomorrow.

“Evergreen” content does not depreciate over time or have an expiration date. There will always be someone looking for this type of information, which means you are building a foundation for long-term growth, traffic and overall exposure.

Shine a Light on the Oldies, But Goodies

A high-quality DJ at a party will typically play quite a few chart-topping hit songs that are still played on the radio. However, he or she will also skillfully weave the “oldies but goodies” into the playlist eventually to keep the party going and appeal to the crowd. The same principle should apply to your content – especially if you want it featured in the quality content marketing playlist of the future.

Examine your old posts carefully to determine which ones are still useful and relevant today. Get in the habit of promoting existing content along with your “new hits” to maximize exposure and draw compound traffic to your work.

Analyze the Structure of Your Social Media Strategy

If you want your content to last, you need to fortify your social media strategy. Years ago, online content could still thrive without a social media presence. The digital age and power of social media drastically changed that, and it will never be the same again. Therefore, you should analyze the structure of your social media strategy to fill any cracks or repair any damage right away.

For instance, do you even have a social media strategy? How many times do you post daily, weekly and monthly? Which social media platforms do you use actively and consistently? How often do you analyze the analytics associated with those accounts? Make sure you have a solid answer to each of those questions, because they will help you to pave a path of success for your content in 2023.

Keep a Close Eye on the Competition

The last thing you want to do is to put blinders on in the middle of this race. That sort of tunnel vision may work well for horses, but it will only put you one step closer to pulling the plug on our online presence. You must pay close attention to what your competitors do. Analyze their content and how it either attracts or repels their audience. This will help you to see what to do and not to do, but it will also help you to identify new trends and market changes on the horizon. Perhaps one of your competitors is ahead of the curve in that regard. You could extract quite a few content marketing tactics from analyzing their work to push your own content ahead in the race.

Accept and Embrace Real-Time Audience Feedback

You may think that your quality content is on track. When assessing its overall value and usefulness, chances are that your biased opinion will always shine a favorable light on your work. The most important viewpoint that you should consider when fortifying your content for the future, though, is not from you – it’s from your audience. Therefore, you need to take full advantage of any opportunity to find out exactly what they think about it.

For instance, how do you react to the comments and posts that your blog posts receive? What about the feedback that you generate on social media? Make sure that you try to respond to all forms of feedback to show your target audience members that you value their input. More importantly, analyze the areas of improvement that their feedback provides to give your content the best chance of surviving the future.

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